Element Students

Element Students

At Elevate Life Church we do not have a student ministry - we are a student ministry. Students who call Elevate Life Church home are asked to get involved in everything we do. They're plugged into e/groups. They volunteer. They give their resources. They're not waiting to make an impact. Students are making a difference right now.

Element Students are on the front lines leading in our church and we wouldn't have it any other way. We believe this present generation of students has the potential to be used by God in a way that surpasses every other generation in history.

If you have any other questions, please email our Student Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Element Night: Current Series


Welcome to Element! God is calling our students to RUN even for One person. We invite your student(s) to come check out one of our Wednesday night large groups (6:30 - 8:00 pm).

Fast. It’s how our culture likes to do things. Because we lead such busy lives, we have become masters at finding the quickest way to accomplish nearly everything. This need for speed has lead us to some of the best inventions ever—things like the drive thru, the microwave, and movies on-demand. Unfortunately, it’s that same desire for instant results that gave us some not-so-awesome inventions. Have you ever tried instant coffee or instant mashed potatoes? Not nearly as good as the real thing. The truth is, while fast is awesome, there are some things in life that just take time. Maybe that’s why the Bible keeps mentioning this idea of sowing and reaping, or planting and waiting for something to grow. Because while our temptation will always be to look for a shortcut or to focus our attention somewhere that will give us faster results, we run the risk of missing out on some of the best things in life when we don’t work on them over time.

Element Students Wednesday Night Host Home Locations:

*MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS/Oakleaf Phase 1 - 1367 Akron Oaks Drive
*MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS/Oakleaf Phase 2 - 963 Autumn Pines Drive
*HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS/Oakleaf Phase 1 - 1627 Canopy Oaks Drive
*HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS/Oakleaf Phase 2 - 4431 Carriage Oak Lane
*FLEMING ISLAND CAMPUS (Middle/High School Students Combined) - 2450 Pinehurst Lane

Upcoming Events

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April 27th - 3rd $75 Camp Deposit Due

Time: N/A

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Details: 3rd $75 Camp Deposit Due 

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