Element Students

Element Students

At Elevate Life Church we do not have a student ministry - we are a student ministry. Students who call Elevate Life Church home are asked to get involved in everything we do. They're plugged into e/groups. They volunteer. They give their resources. They're not waiting to make an impact. Students are making a difference right now.

Element Students are on the front lines leading in our church and we wouldn't have it any other way. We believe this present generation of students has the potential to be used by God in a way that surpasses every other generation in history.

If you have any other questions, please email our Family Pastor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Element Night : Current Series


We invite you every Wednesday night from 6:30p-8p as we are challenged to be UNSTOPPABLE. What is the biggest challenge you've ever faced? Whatever it is, you're probably familiar with the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. The Bible tells the story of a guy named Nehemiah who was all too familiar with that feeling. Growing up in service to a king in Babylon and then Persia, Nehemiah probably didn't think his life would make much of a story. But when he learns that his family's homeland is in ruins, something changes in Nehemiah. He decides to do something about it - to go there. To Change his World. And through his story, we may just find the tools we need to face the challenge of improving our town or our school. It's time to Change your World!

There are 3 specific locations listed below:

*MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS (Oakleaf Campus) - 1020 Southern Hills Dr
*HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS (Oakleaf Campus) - 732 Chestwood Chase Drive
*FLEMING ISLAND CAMPUS (Middle/High School Students Combined) - Barco-Newton Family YMCA in Fleming Island

March 18 : Spring Breakout


Join us for our first ever, dual-campus (Fleming and Oakleaf), Spring Breakout, Wednesday March 18th from 6:30p-8p behind the Oakleaf Rec Center in Phase 2! Come prepared to worship, engage in some exciting activities but mostly just plan to breakout of your normal routine and enjoy connecting with us! **PLEASE NOTE: We will not have large groups in our regular locations.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 18th @ 6:30-8p
LOCATION: behind Oakleaf Recreation (Phase 2)

March 27 : WAKE Element Lock-In


This is our first ever Element lock in where students will experience a night to remember! It's a night full of crazy fun activities, team building, worship and many more things planned! Join us on March 27th starting at 8pm at the Eagle Landing gym for one of the most amazing nights of your life! Are you ready to experience WAKE?!

WHEN: Friday, March 27 at 8pm-7am (Saturday morning)
LOCATION: Eagle Landing gym
COST: $10 at the door (every student must have a release form)
SIGN UP NOW AT bit.ly/wake2015

March 29 : Element Connect [CANCELED]


This is the vision of our Student Ministry! We have a strong desire for our parents and students to get connected. In this meeting we will show you what we're all about! You'll get to meet our student leaders and get an inside scoop of all our coming events! ELEMENT CONNECT HAS BEEN CANCELLED for March 29th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

July 27-31 : DIVE Summer Youth Camp


Our desire for our students is to not stick a toe in the water and dipping in their relationship with God but to jump in, submerge themselves in who God is, making the decision to no longer have someone else's faith but their own faith in God creating an awakening in their hearts to what true love is, what true hope is, what true satisfaction is! No longer will our students Dip, Now they will DIVE!

JULY 27 -31
$225 per student
SIGN UP NOW AT http://bit.ly/dive2015
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