It’s universal. That feeling you get when you enter a place where people are genuinely excited to see you. High-fives and smiles and hugs –all welcoming you as you are. That surge of adrenaline you experience when the worship team bursts into action and hits those first notes. The comfort and resolve that comes over you when the preacher starts saying things so personal and relevant, it’s as if he knows your story.

This is Elevate Life Church. And the more familiar you become with the buzz in the atmosphere and the camaraderie of the people you meet, the more you sense you’ve somehow stumbled into a place where you are meant to be. It is the multicultural mecca that is the meeting place for people on a journey –looking for meaning and answers, happiness and hope, and a place to call home.

At e/track, you’ll meet our pastors, discover the values and beliefs that mark and sustain the culture of Elevate Life Church, and have the opportunity to get more involved.

e/track is held on the 3rd Sunday every month at each campus as well as the 3rd Saturday at the Oakleaf campus.


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