Marriage Restoration
Who can I speak with if my marriage is in need of help?
Call Elevate Life Church and leave a message at 904-437-4064 and we will provide you with some options.
Does Elevate Life Church provide counseling?

Elevate Life does not provide any form of mental health or professional counseling services. Instead, we pastor our church through small groups. In addition, we partner with a team of highly qualified marriage and family therapists. This team provides counseling, online courses and resources for your marriage. Products and services are provided at a discounted rate for Elevate Life attendees and members.

Marriage Restoration

We know and understand marital challenges. Our goal is to help you reclaim, heal, and build the marriage God intended for you. Great marriages are possible, and we would like to show you practical ways to restore and heal your marriage.

Interested in individual, couples or family therapy?

Please enter “ELC” in the promo code for online booking, which will entitle you to a 15% off discount for all sessions. Or, call (904) 302-5340 and mention ELC to receive your discount.

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